Motion and sound

Everything that happens I see in two ways, musically and visually. The sound of birds chirping, the sun in the sky. The rain drops soft patter, the rusty grey clouds..

Advertising, for me not only promotes a product but also, half the time, a really good track. 
The main ones are Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto advert featuring Selah Sue - Just Because I Do. Definitley one of those songs I fell in love with straight away. 

Another is a fairly new advert... I actually can't remember the advert or have any idea what it was for. All I remember is the track, The Lumineers - Hey Ho, cheesy but catchy and another new favourite of mine. 

The way I look at visuals is by what goes on in the piece and what we see (mise en scene), and by the visual effects and chosen angles etc. Music is the same, listen to the initial beats and lyrics, and by each individual sound. 

Think positive. Be happy. x