Dreaming of tomorrow

Life is a funny old thing, there are more ups and downs than a trio of sluts on that rich so n so.. before I continue I shall say, yes this is a post about a fella and will most probably end up all soppy..

I met a guy - he was amazing, I lost him because of circumstances out of our control. Why is it that once those rose-tinted glasses are of you realise everything you had, you realise how very much you've fallen for that one person. Somehow my perspective of life is so clear yet at the same time so muddled. I've never fallen so hard and I've never found anyone who made me think of as being "the one" .. until now. He is a great balance to me - tall and humoured, compared to my tiny and over-thinky self (I could list a million more here but I shan't bore you). I don't know what the future holds for me, but one thing I do know is that he is my Prince Charming and I hope that I someday I get my fairytale.

Think positive. Be happy. x