Richard Durand - L.A. ROCK

@Blackholerec@Richard_Durand - Magik Muzik 1043-0 

After shaking up the planet with his previous two singles "Radical" and 'Trancematic", Richard Durand administers another adrenaline shot with his brand new, rapid-firing single "L.A. ROCK". 

Richard's endeavors of last year's “Vs. The World” project must have given the DJ/producer an enormous amount of inspiration, given the pace in which he currently drops hit after hit. Preparing himself for another super busy year, the man has slated plenty of new singles and remixes and a quick look at his upcoming tour schedule already shows that Richard isn't going to slow things down anytime soon. Many have said that the cuts "Radical" and "Trancematic" represent a peek into Durand's developing sound, with more tech, more synth and an incredible amount of variety in his arrangements; from intro to break to outro. With the new "L.A. ROCK" Richard once again delivers. 

Packed against hot, swirling synth and string riffs, "L.A.ROCK" unleashes a subtly distorted tech trance production onto the dance floor. Stacking 3/4 percussion on top of a ferociously banging 4/4 bass kick, Richard generates an urging uplift culminating into a euphoric break. "L.A. ROCK" -literally- rocks. With capital letters.

Think positive. Be happy. x