Cosmic Gate - Storm Chaser

@blackholerec - Black Hole 550-0 

Already immediately recognisable to fans of the Gate as the thunderhearted anthem to last year’s Global Gathering events, this release represents Nic & Bossi’s first post-‘Wake Your Mind’ studio ware. With the Original Mix already applying Force 10 pressure, powered by its remixes, ‘Storm’s second front moves in. With fresh realisations from audiologists KhoMha, Artento Divini and Mark Eteson, floors worldwide are about to be struck by the perfect you-know-what. 

Cosmic Gate’s Original Mix has been an instrumental component in their sets for many a month, most recently delighting club & festival audiences in Russia and the States. A high-wire tense collection of tempestuous drums, hats, claps and crashes, driven bass and high-voltage tech-trance synths, the Original (says DJ Mag) is “title-appropriate dark, thundery business”. 

“On the remix KhoMha works the pitch wheel like a producer possessed” continues the Mag, with the young Colombian “throwing some heavier tech rhythms into play” on his seismic remix. Artento Divini meanwhile fuels his ‘Storm Chaser’ rework with plenty of the hard, stabbing synthesized lines. Counterbalanced at the bottom end with grinding sounds & FX business and an electro-ish undertone, it’s taking no prisoners. 

Mark Eteson’s remix further hastens the ‘Storm’s advance, building it from a full spectrum range of original euphoric and uplifting elements. Set to trip the audience’s endorphin switches hard, the hazard warning has been issued… this one’s going to hit hard!

Think positive. Be happy. x