Jamaster A ft Bi Bi Zhou - I Miss You Missing Me

@blackholerec - In Trance We Trust 588-0 

Presenting a whopping 11 versions of his masterpiece “I Miss You Missing Me”, is Chinese DJ/producer Jamaster A. Teaming up with Super Girl Competition winner Bi Bi Zhou, Jamaster A’s new hit is on its way to the tracklists of the big guns. 

For a young producer living a country of nearly 2 billion citizens, it's quite an achievement to say the least: Jamaster A is the first Chinese electronic dance DJ ever to enter the famous DJ Mag Top 100. He's also the first Asian DJ/producer and artist who created a new style of "Oriental Trance". His singles "Bells Of Tiananmen", "Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence (Heart Of Asia)", "Cicada" and "One Night In Beijing / Let's Groove" reaped the support of Armin Van Buuren, TiĆ«sto, Sander Van Doorn, Judge Jules and countless others. Jamaster A's debut single for In Trance We Trust, "Nanjing Express" was released in August 2011 and now sees a long awaited follow up with the vocal smash "I Miss You Missing Me". Singer/songwriter Bi Bi Zhou, also known as Zhou Bichang, once was the first runner-up in the 2005 Super Girl Competition, which is a Chinese version of Pop Idol for female contestants. Nowadays also active as actress, Bi Bi Zhou is a star in her home country - she teams up with Jamaster A on this blistering new single. 

The remix package of “I Miss You Missing Me” offers the absolute cream of the crop for today’s live sets and moves from scorching electro house to straight up tech trance, progressive and even chill out. With overhauls by Andrew Rayel, Massimo Salustri & Sara Pollino, Equaxion, Robert Vadney and M-Sequence in the package, the self respecting DJs know what time it is for their live sets and audience when they’re in need of a peak time slammer.

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