Sydney Blu & Damaged Goods ft FLICK - Change The Game

@blackholerec - Black Hole 548-0 

Teaming up with Miami's Mansion resident Damaged Goods and vocalist FLICK, Sydney Blu returns with the electrifying vocal track "Change The Game". 

In the footsteps of her previous hits "Chemistry", "Another Late Night" (ft. MC Flipside) and "Nightlight" (ft. Betsie Larkin), the female electronic producer and DJ once again stands out in her approach of today's electronic dance, merging tech, prog, electro house and trance into one - seamlessly combining them with Damaged Goods' production style. Sydney Blu's "Change The Game" redefines the term peak time track and emphasizes on a techy outline with ascending aspects, perfect for the main rooms. With vocals by FLICK, this electro house smash is bound to rule tracklists and dance floors this coming season. 

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