Fictivision & C-Quence - Symbols

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Fictivision's anthem "Symbols" enters the next generation with a brand spanking new overhaul by Will Atkinson. 

Fictivision and C-Quence (also known as Bart van Wissen and Joris van der Straten) will probably always be remembered for their 2003 classic "Symbols". From the day of its release, the track took the world by storm and hovered at the top of the charts and track lists of all the big DJs for months on end; later on that same year Tiësto would add it to his legendary first Tiësto in Concert DVD. The strength of the composition written by Dutch masterminds Van Wissen and Van deer Straten, is the way they arranged it for synths and strings. Taking their time for a lengthy build up, the boys arpeggiate subtle pads before they finally unleash the powerful melody that defines "Symbols", while the word euphoric jumps to mind. So far the track has seen a remix by Mesh and Kimito Lopez. 

Will Atkinson (22, Glasgow - U.K.) has been active in EDM since 2008, reaping the support of giants like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, John O'Callaghan, Simon Patterson, Eddie Halliwell, Judge Jules, Sean Tyas, Kutski and countless others. His productions have been showcased through some of the world’s leading dance events: Creamfields, Trance Energy, Global Gathering and Judgement Sundays. Will also engineers for a vast amount of up and coming artists and is already responsible for a handful of number 1 hits on various digital download sites. 

The Will Atkinson 5000 Remix kicks the BPM up a few notches and turns "Symbols" into a high powered tech trancer that reworks the original composition into a whole new arrangement. Once the build up of the track reaches its climax, Atkinson pulls out all stops and returns with the original theme of "Symbols", programmed with sharp synths that breathe the old skool rave feeling. Massive remake.

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