Mark Norman - Clash EP

@blackholerec - Black Hole 560-0 / Purchase

Continuing in the vein of his previous single, Mark Norman ft. Mike Schmid - "Locked Inside" on Black Hole, Mark Norman presents his "Clash EP" including the track "Monkeyshine", revealing more of his fresh new sound. 
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Offering two unique trance/progressive house bangers, the EP pulls out all the stops with "Clash" and shoots a combination of hard beats and staccato oldskool synth stabs with loads of energy towards the dance floor. 

"Monkeyshine" on the other hand features a catchy and uplifting synth line that drives the track like a steamroller and builds up in the trademark Mark Norman style. DJs should watch the break in both cuts; absolutely original and guaranteed to succeed for the big summery outdoors!

Think positive. Be happy. x