Emilio Fernandez & DJ Feel - Diggin' This Feeling

@blackholerec - Magik Muzik 1044-0 

Since the announcement of his upcoming debut album, Emilio Fernandez has returned to the studio for the consecutive release of singles from "Suite 16". Still the man behind the 2008 hit “Reynosa”, Emilio also delivered remixes of “Arabian Queen” by Kimito Lopez and “Till We See The Sun” by Blake Lewis. Emilio’s follow up singles “Let It Go” and “Saltillo” continued the success, later on followed by the recently released "Suite 16" album track “Closer To Me”. 

About his new single "Diggin' This Feeling", which was produced in collaboration with DJ Feel, Emilio recently explained how the track was conceived: "I had received the vocals for this track before I started with the recording sessions for the album. I fired up the conversations with DJ Feel and proposed a collaboration. This finally led to one of the most climactic titles on "Suite 16". I still get really excited listening to the record. The vocal performance is excellent and it's especially DJ Feel's arrangement that receives the 'thumbs up' here." 

And climactic is certainly true for “Diggin’ This Feeling”. With a strong, but clubby drum track, the single unwinds with subtle synth programming and bright vocals that reveal Emilio’s love for early house. Adding outstanding remixes by Timothy Allan & Mark Loverush and Fred Baker to the original version, “Diggin’ This Feeling” is ready to storm the clubs.

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