Gate Faze - BadLab EP

Rub A Duck 060 - @rub_a_duck / @blackholerec

Sometimes you ran into a huge young talent and this time Rub A Duck has signed the debut EP from Gate Faze, a 16 year old super talent from Colombia. 

With an edgy dubstep EP this young kid is ready to conquer the world of bass. 
Unique sounds and heavy basslines are incooperates in the BadLab EP. 
Hailing from Medellin, Colombia and started producing his own output about a year ago. True to his personal views on modern electronic dance music, his goal with every project he works on, is to stay away from the more ore less self imposed restrictions within the industry itself. "With my music I like to mix genuine feelings with basic, slightly primitive but hard rhythms. Working with various sounds, melody lines and actual chords you can perfectly channel these elements to the audience. It's inspirational to compose creative tracks that way and for me it means that I can bring a sense of fire, ecstasy and joy to the dance floor.we only have to agree with him.

Think positive. Be happy. x