J-Soul presents Andy Jaar & Ruslan Sever ft Creole - Not My Guy

@blackholerec - Black Hole 615-0 

‘Not My Guy’ is the second single release from the much complimented ‘Glace’ album on which J-Soul introduced Andy Jaar for the first time. This single is a collaboration with fellow Russian Ruslan Sever with the great vocals of Creole. DJ BIGGI has done the remixing for this track, molding it entirely to it’s own signature style. 

J-Soul is one of Russia’s representatives of progressive house, releasing his tracks on many well-known labels of which Black Hole Recordings is one. He also teams up with many foreign artists, such as James Harcourt, Da Fresh and Matt Darey. J-Soul has remixed tracks by Moonbeam, Ben Preston, Blackfeel White and he is touring all through Russia and the CIS countries. The man behind J-Soul has always been a mystery, but through his new artist album ‘Glace’ we finally know that J-Soul is actually Andy Jaar. 

Dutch DJ BIGGI is one of Holland’s biggest export products at this very moment. Together with colleagues such as Hardwell and R3hab, he developed the signature Dutch House sound based on his own eclectic music. BIGGI is spinning the wheels all over the world on festivals and in clubs. His own concept ‘BE BIGGER’ is taking over the Dutch club scene. 

Ruslan Sever is a popular Russian DJ and radio host of his own show called ‘Electroshock’.

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