Baa Blah Blah by Danny Blaze


Here I am writing something that I don’t know where it is going to take me. I did start writing an argument about why “Baa, baa, black sheep” isn’t offensive, as long as it’s not known about its alleged dark undertones. But halfway though I actually started to sound more offensive, and like I had some hidden agenda which is pretty much some peoples issue with the song, so I scrapped that ideal and decided to write freestyle and see how I get on.

So its now 2014 and social media dominates our daily life. We now live in a time where people care more about what people on twitter think than their own families or friends. You have sat at the dining table during dinner or at a nightclub with a group of friends and sat looking at twitter or Facebook to see what people you have never met are doing at that precise time.

Think about that for a second.. you was out supposedly having fun with friends and your mind was wondering what @JimmyGOTissues was doing, whilst he was sat at home on a Saturday night tweeting every 9 seconds about how much he is living life on the edge of his seat. Yes he is on the edge. He’s on the edge because all he does is sit in that chair tweeting, eating and being judgemental the fat sod.

Now before you think that I have a problem with cake connoisseurs, let me point out that only today I have had 4 generous helpings of cake and I am a “Ride or die” cake fan, so save your suspicious thoughts for “indirect tweets” pretty please.

I guess the point I am making (well trying) is that we don’t seem to appreciate the people we have around us in this time of social media domination, and hark for approval or seek attention from strangers who may “claim” to love you from behind a computer monitor or iPhone 5, but when you strip it all away, they are just that, a stranger.

If you think that this doesn’t apply to you then please by all means go and buy a £10 Nokia phone and use that for a month or ask all of your friends to leave all phones at home on your next night out and see who tells you to “stop being so stupid” or words to that affect, because I feel that I can say with confidence that you will find it easier to make a rope ladder to the moon, than getting 6 or more people to not take a internet ready phone out with them. Don’t take my word for it, suggest it to your friends on the next "Debbie’s broke up from Terry" party when you crazy mob are off on the bus into town to get cheap drinks in Wetherspoons, before going into a nightclub and only buying 3 drinks maximum inside unless they have a buy one get 27 free offer running.

I’ve been Danny Blaze. You have been reading mental illness rants… 

Think positive. Be happy. x