Polly A - Pick Your Poison

"When city lights turn away the day. He's who I run to silly me " 

Pick Your PoisonLike a phoenix rising from the ashes, Meleni Smith gave birth to Polly A. After seeing herself on the floor, her own reflection unrecognizable, feeling the pangs of heartache, she felt her heart break open.  And while open, found love redefined.  She ushered in all the light. Love became a verb.  Finding new opportunities to love with every breath taken, new reasons to love everyone and everything, she realized that love is the only reason we are born.  To learn love and give it away. To love yourself so much that you cannot deny loving all reflections of self. We are all mirrors of one another. Polly A. Polyamorous.  

Born in Flint, Michigan, raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Polly A.  began singing at the age of six. Brought up by a Jamaican mother, Polly A. never knew exactly where she fit into the world but she knew that music helped her find HOW she fit in it. Her voice is a mixture of raw soul with an intense rasp that will send chills. Her electrifying melodies take you on a ride the moment you press play. Polly A.’s capability to evoke the profound truth about love, loss, spirituality and just about any topic she chooses brings you in and makes you want to stay.

She recently signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV Publishing, alongside hit producer Salaam Remi (produced Amy Winehouse, Nas) and had the honor of having superstar Alicia Keys sing one of her songs on her album, “Element of Freedom” called “Love is My Disease.”  She also co-wrote many songs with newcomer Kat Dahlia including her new single “Clocks” and as well co-wrote J Cole’s smash hit ‘Crooked Smile.”

Polly A. released her independent album, “My Heart in Focus” in February of 2012 under the name Meleni Smith and received rave reviews.  She attracted the attention and acclaim of many notable hit makers in the industry including Babyface, Stargate, Cee-lo, and Toby Gad. Polly A. believes that accomplishments and setbacks are equally important pieces to the entire story of an artist’s success and development. Asked about the progression of her career and her insistence on creative control and independence she responds with: “This is a marathon, not a race. Just when I don’t know what will happen next, a door is opened. I am just grateful to be given a gift that I can share with others.”

Think positive. Be happy. x