Sire FNS - April / May 2014

Introducing young Hip Hop and R&B artist Sire FNS, with his versatile vocals ranging between a softer smooth tone to lyrical madness on the mic. Nominated for 3 San Antonio Music Awards 2014: Best New Artist, Best Hip Hop Artist & Best R&B Artist - VOTE.

Christopher (SIRE) Cyr is an American R&B/Hip Hop Artist based out of San Antonio, Texas. Born May 10th 1995 in Fayetteville, and raised into Music.

Sire's passion for music led him to experiment with multiple styles and genres ultimately developing an affection for R&B and Hip Hop. Influenced by Drake throughout his upbringing Sire began to do his own renditions and remixes to Drakes music. He began creating a buzz in the local music scene and at the same time became somewhat of an outcast in the predominately Country/Rock run Music Town of Fayetville. Soon thereafter, Sire switched schools to E.E. Smith where he began pursuing talent shows and gaining notoriety for his unique blend of soulful singing and rapping. His father being in the military and working for the Department of Defense, soon had to move the family to San Antonio. Once again Sire was in a new location but music was calling and he soon met up with renowned music producer Andre "FNS" Johnson of Fresh New Sound Music. Immediately hearing his talent Sire was soon under the Fresh New Sound Music Banner and began taking his music to a different level. 

In Fayetteville,Sire attended several schools but it was at Northwood Temple Academy where he developed his love of music, inspired by his band teacher, Mr. Wright. Sire then went on to succeed in music learning to play multiple instruments including the Saxophone, Percussion, Trombone and eventually the Guitar. 

Sire has perforned in over 15 shows since the new year including performances in front of the Legendary Rockwilder (Roc-Nation, Jay Z producer), OG Ron C and DJ Pain 1 at 2014 SXSW in Austin TX and generated great interest in the music industry.

Think positive. Be happy. x