@SlimeRecords - SLM109

Slime Recordings’s avatarSlime returns with the second installment in its new venture HUB, a series of compilations specific to one country’s artists. After the debut release gathered together producers from across Australia, for the sophomore collection we head to Spain. The label’s roster of Spanish artists have come together for the purpose of this release, and each producer involved has crafted tracks exclusive to the compilation as well as taking the opportunity to remix each other’s compositions.

Malaga’s BSN Posse have been one of the longest-serving groups on the label and so it’s only fitting that they open proceedings with ‘Southern Light’, a suitably blissful excursion into low-slung dubstep. From here we head to Saragossa, encountering Clima with their sublime offering ‘Be Without You’.

A spine-tingling odyssey into uplifting half-step, the track is complimented by a soulful turn of phrase from guest vocalist Lady Emz. Then it’s back to Malaga for the narcotic dubwise sounds of ‘LF Dream’ from Stay Puft, supplying a cavernous bassline strapped to the back of a heavyweight beat for maximum impact. Finally we rock up to Seville to get down and dirty with Manul, here providing ‘Badbwoy’ and a salvo of high-tempo bass antics to keep your head nodding and neck snapping.

Stay Puft steps up the plate for the first remix, twisting ‘Badbwoy’ into a pitch black autonomic roller, packed to the brim with malevolent energy. Clima then pitch in to switch ‘LF Dream’ up a notch into a higher BPM with snapping percussion and glittering atmospherics. Manul then returns to mutate ‘Southern Light’ into an energetic warehouse jam with an addictive bassline and breathless female vocals. Rounding out the compilation, BSN Posse hit hard with a truly mesmerizing take on ‘Be Without You’, amplifying the vibes of the original to construct an epic slice of uplifting garage.

Think positive. Be happy. x