Blake Jarrell - Socotra

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If you’re waiting for a solid and uplifting trancer, wait no longer. Blake Jarrel has delivered exactly that with his brand new track ‘Socotra’ on Black Hole Recordings; a release that has all the elements of a clubber’s anthem. 

Socotra - Single, Blake Jarrell

Blake Jarrel is an American progressive trance DJ and producer. He is originally from New Orleans, where he discovered the electronic dance sound by already going to shows of Sasha, Armin Van Buuren, and Sander Kleinenberg at the age of 15. Quickly after he began producing his own music starting a very promising career. His move to Chicago, due to hurricane Katrina, marked a period in which Blake immersed himself in the city’s booming house, techno and trance scenes developing his own indefinable sound; a sound that has received praise of major DJ’s in the electronic dance scene. His releases have been topping the Beatport charts and Blake himself has been spinning the decks in big clubs all over the globe. Brace yourself though, because Blake has many more to come and it will be good.

Think positive. Be happy. x