Andy Duguid with Ilana - Zebra

"Great striking track with subtle melodies and light under tones. The break is simply magical. And with a lovely story behind it, this track is a hit!" Mizz Ruby

A release with the original name of ‘Zebra’ can only have a special story behind it. During a performance and Q&A in South Africa Andy had the chance to speak to aspiring DJ’s, but also a couple of kids. One little boy, guitar in his hand, asked Andy if he could make him a song. Who can say no to that? 

Zebra (feat. Ilana) - Single, Andy Duguid

Back home, Andy teamed up with Ilana and ‘Zebra’ was born, an upbeat, happy and energetic trancer with Ilana’s beautiful vocals subtly woven through it.

Think positive. Be happy. x