Leanne Louise - Blood Hearts EP

I am always amazed by Leanne and here is her latest EP which is lovingly set as a FREE release!

1. Mr Magician
A magical and mystical tone, pumped up with an upbeat tempo. Catchy lyrics, the sounds perfectly match this track and atmosphere intended. This is a piece that you could hear in a fantasy movie just when the action is building up and emotions are soaring.

2. Running
Glass House part two, kicks off straight away with an intriguing rural tone. A darker yet compelling atmosphere accompanies Leanne's sweet voice. The break is a moment of genius, drawing in your attention, making you feel the emotions portrayed.

3. Blood Hearts
A swaying rhythm, deep vocals with a lovely piano backdrop. Rising with pure heartfelt passion. Gorgeous tones complimenting the vocals with small touches of cymbals for extra effect.

Think positive. Be happy. x