Emanuel Gibson

"An edgy rocker with vibrance and attitude. Emanuel is also a poet with pure passion in his words."

Born during a bar fight in Brooklyn, New York, Emanuel Gibson came into this world swinging. The first day of his life, he lost his virginity took a man’s life and developed an insatiable appetite for music. At the age of two, Gibson's father lost him in a battle of the bands. Six months later, Gibson won himself back. When he was three years old, music, started turning into “pop” music the United States and Gibson became enraged at the thought of younger generations missing out on sweet bluesy melodies. Hell-bent on supplying music from his soul to the American people, he stowed away on a tour bus traveling throughout the nation. Gibson was now in a strange land (Hollywood, CA), armed with nothing but a Road Worn Fender Telecaster and a musician’s wit. He quickly organized a gang of misfits and took over music venues around the country. This enabled him to spread the gospel incognito. Before he was a teenager, Gibson became an underground legend. His name was whispered in back alleys and speakeasies across the nation, and songs were sung to tell of his tales. The style of these songs would later become known as Rock and Roll and the tunes can still be heard today. 

Think positive. Be happy. x