Personalised Marketing

@Channel4 @4od @Burberry

We all hate those telemarketers, so simply spamming out "Hey, check out this!" is bit like baking a pie and throwing it at everyone's faces.. 

Personalisation is key for whichever market you're in. The company who have shown this most, have completely gone above and beyond, and really put thought into their campaigns. 

I was catching up on Homeland last night (like woah!) and as per usual there are streaming advertisements in-between. I was then wow'ed! They have begun tailored advertising (I'd assume through Google search stats) but this.. A moving personalised visual commercial! The Channel 4 network & 4OD have teamed up with Burberry's new fragrance to bring this wonder of monogrammed advertising specific to Channel 4 members. Not only do they use merge tags and have member names come up big on their website page, they are thinking forward about how to really engage with the audience and bring a unique touch to their service. This is why I always rave about the Channel 4 network, they think about being different and really are #BornRisky!

Think positive. Be happy. x