Black Astronaut - Life On Mars #HipHop

@BlackAstronautX | Luck On Mars.

Chapter Zero.

Flip back a page and you'll see a plain white space.

Did it all come from nothing? Or is there something I'm missing...

We begin this album without music, but instead an introduction. 'The Race' tells the story of our entire humankind's creation. This is the land of the lost. A vivid thought path is envoked, is this what we are really here in this world for. Does lots of money, power or idle possessions really matter?

Diverse hiphop beats flow through paving the way for the vocals. There is great style and movement between the rappers also incorporating clips from the iconic mind of Pink Floyd and David Bowie to name a few. The lyrical play on words develop a nice rhythm and allows you to enjoy it whilst taking in the messages.

Black Astronaut Is A Hip Hop Collective Comprised of Lead Songwriter Charles Luck, Rapper/Singer Tino Red, Rappers Gyro, InZane, Sticky Bud, Vedo, B Daz, and Flipleaf. The group has 4 singers: Muze, Jonathan BT, Zack David, and Addie. We specialize in true hip hop and EDM influenced by artists as varied as Eminem to Avicii.

The overall story is that Earth has become tarnished with a lack of feeling or soul. Would we have better luck on Mars?

Imagine the miracles we could create if we work together to change our own fate.

Think positive. Be happy. x