Gordey Tsukanov - Opacity (Solarstone Retouch)

A simple, slick trancer with an uplifting state of mind. 

This one has been buzzing around as an ID for a few months, first surfacing at Solarstone’s Open To Close (in Dolby Atmos) at Ministry of Sound back in January. It is a deep and dark sultry affair, which moves at a sedate 126pm. The backstory; Gordey, having previously released the majestic ‘Radiance’ on Pure Prog back in 2016, sent ‘Opacity’ as a demo to Solarstone, who saw within the demo a glimmer of something truly glorious, if only the track could be stripped down and reassembled with a clear intention; maximum impact in a big, dark fog-filled room - lit only by strobes. The impact of this track on the floor can’t be overstated, and the key-change twist which hits at 6 minutes in is something of a moment.

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Think positive. Be happy. x