Stuart Ferguson - Banshee

Commencing with a deep build up, we move to an exciting electric tone.

Attention all tech trance fans! We implore you to prepare your mind, your body and your soul as Stuart Ferguson holds the “Banshee” at bay, ready to unleash it on the masses! Just as the legendary Irish fairy heralds the spirits to step into the afterlife, Stuart Ferguson’s “Banshee” bids all who listen to commence on the dance floor for a unified romp under the mystifying sound waves!

A high octane gem designed for the peak hours of the night, there is no denying the entities call as we are delivered deep into the sound of the underground. In a matter of seconds, we begin to feel the hairs stand in salute as “Banshee” fires up all cylinders, opening with an insatiable techno kick that plummets us straight into a cyclone of tech trance depravity, leaving victims breathless in its wake. As the build approaches, the only thing left to do is close our eyes and let “Banshee” flood through our psyche as it kidnaps our soul with zero chance of escape!

As an artist who has received major support from the likes of Lange, Mark Sherry, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Ben Gold, and so many more, this London based DJ and budding producer has turned the heads of the OHM Music elite, solidifying “Banshee” for an April 6, 2018 release on the label. This release comes just a few short months after the deliverance of “Luuna”, a Stuart Ferguson original that found its home among Outbreak Volume 3. Now, with the OHM Music nod of approval, Stuart Ferguson is primed and ready to take our dance music experience to the next dimension and we just can’t wait to see what he dreams up next!


Think positive. Be happy. x