World Cup 2014 June

Football.. Yes it's all everyone is talking about and I'm sure a lot of non-sports fans are sick of it. Those of you can instead enjoy the incredible musical talent on this site and the rest of you can carry on reading this post!

I'm not really the avid sports fanatic I must admit. I'm only really watching the major games as well as my country's matches.. C'MON ENGLAND!! Also I really would like to beat a few people on Dreamteam, now wishing I had Naymer on mine!

Okay, so the opening ceremony, well hello Brazil, I want to be in you in carnival season! The ceremony starts off with charmingly colourful choreographed performances bringing to life the themes of the Brazilian rainforest, the countries development and of course a node to the beautiful game - football. And then, we move to the "buzz" entertainment.. We all thought at this point that booby carnival girls would samba on, I think it would have been more to taste. Instead we have a lovely blonde girl, J-Lo and Pitbull singing, I haven't a clue what about as the sound quality was incredibly poor, and I don't really believe the commercial style was the route to go down here, it all kind of fizzled out after that..

The first match - Brazil vs Croatia. Where do I start? Being the hosts of the World Cup, being the very first game, you'd think Brazil wouldn't shoot an own goal right? Doh! Naymer certainly pulled it back though and made his mark in the football world.. Although the decisions made by the referee were questionably in favour of the hosting team..

England vs Italy. Okay so this was a little dull for me, both teams had brilliant defence as well as perky strikers.. So this makes for a lot of kicking the ball back and forth without much drama. And then we have a goal.. from Itally (boooooooo), England pulls it back within the next few minutes.. We're all ecstatic.. Yet oh no, and injury, but who? how? what? .. Our own physio! Of course only England would have a physio who injures himself in celebration.. Weird. So erm, call on the substitute physio? Anyway, we lost :(

Think positive. Be happy. x