I really should do some actual work but hey..

Good evening bloggers/readers...

This post will be mainly about music, however, i wil probably ramble on about whatever else comes to mind later.. :)

I am currently sitting here listening to Kiss 100 which I have to say I love love love! I remember when I was a youngen, my brother used to have it on and I would jump about no his bed to the tunes. Yes I did rather annoy him :). Ok so now the new britney dubstep tune has come on, I didn't like it at first, but now I am quite hooked on it, and am of couse having a little singalong right now.

This is a massiveee shout out for some lovely folks who I promised I would write about. It is of course High Heels and Low Lifes , if you don't know who they are, then get to knowww! They are without a doubt my fav band atm, and yes I know I have love for Ndubz aswel, but these guys aer just brilliant. Please make sure to have a looksie at their music and support them http://soundcloud.com/highheelsandlowlifes Also look out for Mista Mee (one half of hh&lls) featuring on various tracks, which I will no doubt tweet to you all.

Other music loves include, Styles & Breeze for their hardcore anthems, Ndubz and well just about most things tbh. One thing about me is that I love everyone and everything music related!
La musique est ma vie <3

Last random point for the day is that I saw a status on facebook about guys with hairy chests which amused me. To clarify, if it is a nice sexy rugged kinda hairyness, or just a little bit then it is ok. The only time i say to shave it, is when it is just at the point where hardly any skin is visible because it is too much.

Mizz Ruby x