Time to turn on my ipod and write a new blog post :D

Hello again! Happy chilled out Sunday to you

It's only been a few days but crikey theres been a lot going on. First things first, i think i should say i am listening to Rusko-Hold On (ft Amber - sub focus rmx) which is an absolute tune for you dubstep loverss.

Okay, so last summer I helped out with a local film company @BerksIndieFilm , I was an extra and an assistant which I have to say was so much fun. Everyone was lovely and even though the days were long and tiring sometimes, it was a realy god experience. So basicly the film is about killer zombies , an insomniac , and other random characters. you can find out more here: Concrete Castles It is released in April so please help support it and watch it when it comes out :)

Next topic, Valentines Day. Just a little update basicly, to say hope u all have a good day if ur with someone you love and if not dont worry, this is the time for us single pringles to enjoy ourselves haha. You may be thinking that i did say earlier i would be spending it with someone, but unfortunatly because of inconveniences my plans changed :( But worry not, i do get my own special day from my lovely .. erm close very close mate? .. nope not together yet, again due to inconveniences :/ but im taking the "slowly, chasey, catchy, monkey" rule :) so fingers crossed it works out :)

Down to business! For those who don't know, I am a host, so if you or anyone you know need a host please contact me as I am looking for work. Also Mizz Ruby & Tzag Productions has been launched. If you need any adverts/videos produced please contact me.

Ways to contact me: Twitter @MizzRuby_x  / Email: mizz-ruby@hotmail.co.uk

To finish off I have Far East Movement - Like a G6 playing on my ipod :)

Mizz Ruby x