Im back home cont.

I did write this blog earlier but my internet decided not to post it grr. Anyway, i updated my blog on monday but thought id keep to my usual wednesday day off updates. I am currently watching daytime tv, which is mainly cooking shows which i love (however i can't cook myself). I did make a nice toastie though, i would share but it may be cold by the time it got to you.

Thoughts of the week so far are that i need to catch up on sleep, thinking of future plans, moseying on through the uneventful week back home, thinking why on earth am i still a single pringle, and having a giggle about last weeks events.

I realised i havent spoken about music in a while so here goes. Last year was all about dubstep and dnb. This year i see uk garage is being pushed once again which i love. Also got to love some oldscool tunes.

As always leave me a comment/tweet/dm/poke/email... or just wander up to me n have a little chat :)

Mizz Ruby x