I am me again!x

Hello my lovely Internet folk. Yes you read correctly, I feel like I am myself once again.. let me explain..

So last year I met someone special who means a lot to me, he is my best friend, and of course I would like more, so fingers crossed, someday. Anyway the year was going really well, I was able to talk to him everyday and tel him absolutely anything and trust him with my life. However, in August it all went a bit loopy and resulted in him cutting me out :'( I basically felt like I had lost a part of me. This week was very exciting as he is now back in my life and we are still close like we used to be. He also mixed for me for a while last night, he thought he was rubbish, but he was actualy good. So yea, I am happy happy happyyy :)

On other news, I was beeped at and called 'fit' by some random company van driver. Also my dreams are getting varied, some are raunchy like you would not believe, others are just plain weird with monsters and other randomness. Also my one of my many stalkers from 2 years ago in Mauritius apparatnly asked for my number. I was extremely creeped out to find this out, I mean gosh how on earth does he still remember me :S I advised my cousins with these words "DO NOT GIVE HIM MY NUMBER!!!"

For another week, i bid you farewell and hope you are all enjoying life :)

Mizz Ruby x