This aint nothin but a summer jam..

What a beautiful day! Hope you are all makin the most of the sun my lovely readers.

My first topic of this post is positivity. I have had a lot of shit in my life, and you may have too. No matter what the situation could always be worse, positive minds make a happier life. Whenever something gets you down, think back to something that made you smile, and be happy that you had that moment in your life. Always be spontaneous and take risks, otherwise you will always look back and wonder what could have happened.

Next topic is pushing yourself when you are passionate about something. For example, i look back a few years, i was interested in music n media, i put myself out there, made myself heard. Now look at me, working with people in the music industry and loving what i do.

My third topic is simple pleasures. You dont have to be rich and famous to enjoy life. Be happy with the little things in life. I saw a dog the other day, so content with this red squeeky toy.

So that is all for this week. Stay positive, be happy and live life to the full!

Mizz Ruby x