7 Days On The Box

What are you watching?

Utopia. Amazing camera work, but I just cannot get into this one.. good for those who love mystery and something out of the ordinary. 

Celebrity Big Brother. I shall never have much good to say about this show since it all changed, however I am watching because of Heidi and Spencer from The Hills. Clearly they are going to stay in it for a while along with Rylan and Razor, viewing figures are all that matters to them. 

Bob and Margaret. This is an old school tipple on 4od but it is giving me giggles. One to check out if you have a spare half hour. 

The Magaluf Weekender. For those who don't know, this was the show myself and a friend auditioned for last summer. Verdict on the show, even though it would have been fun to get a free holiday, it's a little naff production wise.

My Big Fat Mad Diary. Love it, bless this poor girl and her odd thoughts and troubled life. 

More favs include 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, The Undateables and One Born Every Minute which always gets me into an emotional cutesy state! Oh and ELLEN, yay new series is being shown on Really TV in the UK, thank youuu :)

Think positive. Be happy. x